Best Art Shows

New international art fairs seems to emerge each season even as the current art panorama grows bigger and more global with each passing year. However, the truth is that in many cases, quantity does not always equivalent with the quality. As a result, you need to identify the best art shows around the world.

The following 5 best art shows around the world are worth attending, whether you are just curious to see the greatest and current artwork being made across the globe today or you are only a major collector.

  1. Art Basel: This is the Swiss cheese of the contemporary art shows of the world. It started in 1974 after the maiden edition of Art Cologne. The Art Basel Hong Kong was established I 2011 while the Art Basel Miami Beach was born in 2002. These shows are opportunity for you to buy your original Warhol or Picasso if your budget can accommodate it. However, the twirl of VIP celebrities and events near the fairs has actually accelerated its international reputation.
  2. Art Brussels – The art Brussels is an European art fair veteran that showcases the active contemporary art scene in Netherlands and Belgium which is frequently ignored for older types of visual art like the indigenous, tribal and revered Old Masters arts.
  3. ARTISSIMA – This is one of the best art shows of the Europeans. It features programs from the United States, Russia, Japan, Israel, China and Brazil, despite the fact that the fair tends to favor institutions and galleries from the United Kingdom and E.U. ARTISSIMA has been held at Oval in Turin for the past seven years now with five sections at the venue itself, with some other projects hosting at private and public institutions in the area.
  4. NADA – This hipster haven on the art fair tour is the place where international critics, curators, institutions as well as collectors seek the next huge thing as far as contemporary art is concerned. The charity collective galleries, artists, collaborative and institutions has divided with editions in Hudson, Cologne and New York City, but established in Miami in 2003. NADA prides itself on being free in the intellectual, fashion-forward world of contemporary art. However, for young worldwide galleries looking for entry, competition is violent.
  5. The VOLTA Art Show – This particular art show has actually seen quite a number of stimulating young talents disintegrating onto the global arts stage in the last few decades. VOLTA was established in Basel in 2005 while VOLTANY, the sister show opened three years after. Despite the fact that the artists and galleries featuring at VOLTA are not prominent or wealthy when compared with other art shows, there is less pressure, resulting in projects and artwork that are fun, affordable and daring.