state dinner with world leaders

A state dinner with world leaders is a kind of dinner or banquet organized and sponsored by a government and hosted by a head of state of the host country in his residence, so that he can celebrate and renew diplomatic ties between the of a foreign head of state and the host country. A state dinner is one of the grandest and most sensational of White House dealings. The state dinner is part of a working state visit and offers both the president and his wife the chance of honoring the visiting head of state and his wife. It is courteousness—an appearance of good will—a way of showing generosity.
Here is Eating with kings: what it is like to attend a state dinner with world leaders.

  • The Desirable Invitation – The significant business of the government continues behind the festive exterior of the social scene—Opinions are exchanged, information is collected, appearances are upheld and dominant connections are made. For reasons highlighted above, White House invitations are the most essential and the most sought after in the social whirl of a nation.
  • The Guest List – You must make sure you extend invitations to people who are supposed to be invited, appease those who are not invited but believe they should be invited, and never invite people who are not supposed to be invited, whenever you are compiling the list of guests for the endorsement of the president and his wife.

    The seats in the State Dining Room accommodates 120 people and must have room for the official party as well as the same number of administration people providing allowance for 40 couples. This figure is not much, particularly when you think about the people who should be invited and those who would make for a fascinating and interesting evening.

  • The Seating – As far as State Dinner with world Leaders is concerned, protocol is a measure of power and it is never taken with levity hands. Who is that person sitting at the table of the president or that of the First Lady and why? Round tables are the acceptable for most of the state dinners, allowing the hosts to bypass the strict rules of protocol discovered in a prescribed seating agreement. On the other hand, it makes it possible to have different and interesting group of personalities at each table.
  • The Entertainment – The entertainment segment of this dinner is the greatest aspect of this dinner. In fact, renowned American artists have performed at this occasion for quite a long time. The showcase performances of these noble events have echoed the musical tastes of the first citizens and their guests. According to history, Marine Band has always been a presence at the President’s House.